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volumes 1 & 2
Available October 15, 2013

It is with utmost gratitude that I would like to say thank you to all my faithful friends and fans around the world for your love, support and patience awaiting the completion and release of my newest self-produced project "In the Beginning" as well as my first self-produced CD "The Healer". It has been an exciting time for me to share my music old and new with my fans and friends without whom this would never have been possible! I would like to acknowledge and give a very special THANK YOU to my "A Friend Indeed" backers who pledged $150.00 or more on my Kickstarter project page:
Joshua Cicerone
Peter Riley
Micheal Gilbreath
Matthew Whitaker
Vanessa Rodrigues
Gerry Youngman
Kim McKernan
Debra Rose Nickols
Alex Brem
Christopher Bergan
Jim Alfredson
Scott Borne
Michelle Rosenberg
Marc Wiederhorn
Clif Hubby
Raymond C. Edison MD
Zander Andreas
Amelia Davis
Paul Shaffer
Ron Nistico Palamara

I deeply appreciate your unwavering love and support!