In The Beginning Volumes 1 & 2

Dr. Lonnie Smith

On IN THE BEGINNING, the second release on Pilgrimage Recording, his imprint label which he founded in 2012, Dr. Lonnie Smith revisits, recontextualizes, and reimagines a dozen songs culled from his first decade as a recording artist. The end product is a document as distinctive and accomplished as any within Smith’s iconic canon.

Track Listing:

Disc One                                                                                 
1. Falling In Love
2. Aw Shucks
3. Move Your Hand
4. Turning Point
5. In The Beginning
6. Mama Wailer / Hola Muneca Medley

Disc Two
1. Keep Talkin’
2. Psychedelic Pi
3. Slow High
4. Call of the Wild
5. Slouchin’
6. Track Nine


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Dr. Lonnie Smith – Hammond B3 organ, vocals
Ed Cherry – guitar
Jonathan Blake – drums
Little Johnny Rivero – congas
Andy Gravish – trumpet
Ian Hendrickson-Smith – alto sax, flute
John Ellis – tenor sax, bass clarinet
Jason Marshall – baritone sax